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How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 5G / 4G iOS 6.1 with evasi0n

Evasi0n is the very first untethered jailbreak for iPod Touch 5G. It can compatible with iPod touch 4G. evasi0n, the iOS 6.1-6.0 untethered jailbreak can jailbreak iPod Touch 5G / 4G running iOS 6.1, 6.0.1, 6. In this guide you’ll learn how to jailbreak iPod Touch 5G iOS 6.1 and iPod Touch 4G iOS 6.1 using evasi0n jailbreak. Hit the jump for detailed jailbreak instructions for iPod Touch 4G / 5G iOS 6.1 – iOS 6…


  • Your iPod Touch 5G or iPod Touch 4G must be running iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0.1, or iOS 6. Here’s is how you can check your iOS version: Settings > General > About => Version. Here’s how to install iOS 6.1.
  • Evasi0n is an untethered jailbreak for your iPod Touch 5G/4G.
  • Make sure to disable lock passcode on your iPod Touch before jailbreaking with evasi0n.
  • Close iTunes/Xcode before running the evasi0n jailbreak.
  • Backup your personal data via iTunes before proceeding.
  • For iPhone 5: how to jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 with evasi0n

Let’s jailbreak iPod Touch 5G / 4G iOS 6.1 with evasi0n jailbreak…

How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 5G / 4G iOS 6.1 with evasi0n

*This guide assumes that your device is running iOS 6.1, 6.0.2, iOS 6.0.1 or iOS 6.

  1. Download evasi0n for your computer and extract it;
  2. Execute the evasi0n jailbreak and plug-in your iPod Touch 5G or iPod Touch 4G;
  3. Now click the Jailbreak button on evasi0n screen;
  4. Evasi0n will perform several steps to complete the jailbreak process, including: preparing jailbreak data, injecting jailbreak data, and will reboot the device;
  5. Your device will reboot and evasi0n will upload stage 2, and then it will perform: uploading Cydia, and uploading the Cydia packages list;
  6. Evasi0n will prompt you to unlock your iPod Touch 5G/4G screen and find a new icon called “jailbreak” on your iPod Touch′s home screen;
  7. Tap the jailbreak icon just once. Your iPod Touch screen will go black and will return back to home screen;jailbreak-ipod-touch-5g-6.1-evasi0n-6
  8. Evasi0n will perform more steps including injecting jb data, and Root Filesystem successfully remounted;
  9. Once done, Jailbreak Complete! message should appear on evasi0n window. Now you can close evasi0n;
  10. Your iPod Touch will reboot and evasi0n icon will appear on the screen. Let the evasi0n do its thing and after some time your device will boot to lock screen. Slide to unlock it and you should find Cydia icon on your home screen.

Voila! you’ve successfully jailbroken iPod Touch 5G, 4G iOS 6.1 using evasi0n jailbreak. Make sure to open Cydia and install the available updates for evasi0n 6.0-6.1 untether.

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