iOS 8.4 compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

iOS 8.4 compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

Whenever a new Jailbreak is released, the first thing which comes to mind is that how many and which tweaks will be compatible with this Jailbreak. Last week, the TaiG team released the most awaited iOS 8 – iOS 8.4 jailbreak. At first, only few of the tweaks were compatible with the TaiG, but with the latest version of TaiG jailbreak, the mobile substrate is fully compatible and properly working. It means that most of the tweaks are fully compatible with the iOS 8.4 Jailbreak.

According to a spreadsheet maintained by the Jailbreak community, plenty jailbreak tweaks are compatible with the iOS 8.4 update. While some of the tweaks are partial compatible which means still these can cause problems. However, some still remains incompatible :( The good news is that this list is continuously maintained by the Jailbreak community so can check this later to see for the compatibility of any tweak.

List of iOS 8.4 compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

Activator Minimal Hosts Blocker
Adblocker 2 Minimalistic Battery Dots
AdvanctedSettings8 Minimalistic Signal Dots
Alkaline Minimalistic WiFi Dots
Apex 2 Mobious
AppSync Unified MoreTimer
ASUpdateHider Moveable
Auxo Legacy Edition MTerminal
Badge Customizer MultiIconMover+
Barrel NCObey
Bars Nightmode8
Beep Beep Nitrous
betterFiveColumnHomescreen No Page Dots
betterFiveColumnHomescreen NoDictation
betterFiveIconDock NoGrabber
betterFiveIconDock NoMotion
betterFourByFourFolders NoNewMark8
betterFourByFourFolders NoPhotosCollection
BetterPowerDown NoSlowAnnimations
BetterRotate Notate
BetterWiFi7 (iOS 7 & iOS 8) OpenNotifdier Beta
BioBoot OpenSSH
BioLockdown OpenSSL
Bloard PandoraSkips
BounceNotify8 Phantom for Snapchat
BytaFont 2 Photo Info
Calendar Pro for Notification Center PhotoAlbums+
CallBar PhotoSize
Canopy for iOS 8 PkgBackup
CC Deseparator Platinum
CCClockOpenToAlarm Power Saver Mode
CCHide Power Tap
CCLoader PowerPlus
CCPinfo PowerTap
CCSettings for iOS 8 Preference Organizer 2
CCSettings iOS8 Prettier Banners
Circulus Priority Hub
ClearFolders 0 PullToRespring
ClearLockNotifications Pulse
CleverPin RePower
CloseAll Safari Downloader+
ColorBadges SameStatus
ColorBanners Search Widget
Cornered ShowCase
CyDelete8 (iOS 7 and 8) Sicarius
Cydia Substrate SimpleCenters
Cylinder SimplePasscodeButtons
DataMeter Slide2Kill8 Lite
DetailedBatteryUsage SmartSearch
Eclipse 2 Speed Intensifier
Edit Alarms Springtomize 3
Emoji83+ SSH Connect
exKey StatusHUD 2
f.lux StatusVol 2
Fascy StatusVol X
Firewall iP7 StoreAlert
Flex 2 Beta SubtleLock
FlipControlCenter Super Recorder
FolderCloser SwipeSelection
FolderEnhancer (iOS 7/8) SwitchSpring
Fortune TabLess
gba4ios Tage
GridSwitcher TinyBar
Gron ToneEnabler
Guestmode TransparentCameraBar
GuizmOVPN TransparentDock
HideFavoritesTab True iRadio
HUDDismiss TypeStatus
iBlacklist TypeTab
iCleaner Pro Uniformity2
Iconoclasm UntetheredHeySiri
IconSupport Upscale
iFile VirtualHome8
Instagram ++ Watusi
iWidgets Winterboard
Keyboard Accio xCon
KeyShortcut Youtubed
LongCCB Zeppelin
Messages Customizer TetherMe

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