iOS 7.0.2 ipsw

Download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS 7.0.2 IPSW firmware files download is available now. Apple has released iOS 7.0.2 firmware for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 7.0.2 update is intended to fix the lock screen vulnerability that allowed unauthorized access to private data even when the device is password protected. You can download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW files from the direct download links below…

iOS 7.0.2 Change-log

  • Fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode.
  • Reintroduces a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry.

You can install iOS 7.0.2 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch OTA (over-the-air) by going into Settings > general > Software Update and then download and install the update. or you can download the iOS 7.0.2 IPSW files from the direct download links from below…

Previously, Apple pushed iOS 7.0.1 for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and iOS 7 for all the supported devices.

Download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW

iOS 7.0.2 IPSW files for iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S/4, iPad mini, iPad 4/3/2, and iPod Touch 5G.

iPhone 5S GSM – iPhone6,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 5S Global – iPhone6,2_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 5C GSM – iPhone5,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 5C Global – iPhone5,4_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 5 (All Others) – iPhone5,2_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 5 (AT&T/Canada) – iPhone5,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4s – iPhone4,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4 GSM (Rev A) – iPhone3,2_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4 GSM – iPhone3,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4 CDMA – iPhone3,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 4 CDMA – iPad3,6_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 4 GSM – iPad3,5_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 4 WiFi – iPad3,4_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad mini CDMA – iPad2,7_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad mini GSM – iPad2,6_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad mini WiFi – iPad2,5_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 3 WiFi – iPad3,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 3 GSM – iPad3,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 3 CDMA – iPad3,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A) – iPad2,4_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 2 Wi-Fi – iPad2,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 2 GSM – iPad2,2_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPad 2 CDMA – iPad2,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
iPod touch 5G – iPod5,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw

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chanzeb October 1, 2013, 11:17 am

iPhone3,1_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw this fimewre problem set full restore after recovery mod, and Error 9. plz realz new vargen.

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Wilson Pascoal Gonçalves October 7, 2013, 8:18 pm

Eu quero o iOS 7.0.2

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